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Intersection: Checking Up On The Affordable Care Act

Healthcare is top issue for Florida voters.
Healthcare image, healthcarereformflorida.com

Republicans have controlled the legislative and executive branches of the Federal government for nearly two years. The mid-term election gave control of the house to the Democrats, but one goal the Republicans have had is to repeal the affordable care act.

So what kind of shape is the affordable care act in right now? Funding’s been cut for navigators to help people get insurance, so what does that mean for people signing up? And what kind of coverage can they get from the plans on offer? 

90.7's Brendan Byrne joins WUSF's Julio Ochoa, the editor of Health News Florida, Cynthia Cox with the Kaiser Family Foundation and Anne Packham, a healthcare navigator in Orlando to wade through some of the complexity of the Affordable Care Act as the open enrollment period comes to an end.