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Mexico Wants to Strengthen its Trade Relationship with Florida

Photo: Enterprise Florida.
Mexico Trade Florida

Mexican officials are hoping to strengthen trade ties with Florida. During a recent visit to Orlando, Mexico’s foreign affairs undersecretary Carlos Sada said he wants to see import and export revenue between his country and Florida rival that of border states like Arizona, California, New Mexico and Texas.

“We have businessmen that are investing in Florida, in the tourist and hospitality industry; in the dairy industry; in the manufacturing industry. So why not explore more of that?”

More than $5 billion in cars, gold, phones, and other merchandise were traded last year between Florida and Mexico, according to Enterprise Florida.

Sada said that number could be exponentially larger.

“There is a huge potential and you have a lot of things to export to Mexico and to the business, and we have a lot of things to export to Florida.”

Import and export revenue between Mexico and the United States in the past has concentrated on border states. Sada said he hopes to speak with Governor Scott in the future.

Overall trade for goods and services between Mexico and the United States totaled $579 billion last year.