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Melbourne Airport Gets Its First "Ambassadog"


Melbourne Airport’s newest employee started work today. Kuma is a ten year old black Lab who will work as a therapy dog at the airport.

Kuma spends about six days a week at her owner’s pilot shop at the airport: Fallon Aviation.

Derek Fallon said Kuma was picked to be the airport’s “ambassadog” because of her aviation background.

“She takes trips in our cessnas, around the state of Florida, riding in the back seat, looking out the window, and she enjoys flying with us," said Fallon.

He said Kuma had nine weeks training to walk off leash and be around big crowds of people in the airport terminal.

She’ll be available for passengers to greet and pet in the ticketing area and before they board their flights.

“The temperament of a well-trained dog, especially a therapy dog, who will just kind of lay back and let them pet you and hang out, is I think good for passengers," said Fallon.

"We need to be a little bit more friendly to each other, so she kind of invites that.”