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Intersection: State Attorney Aramis Ayala Faces Budget Cuts

State Attorney Aramis Ayala. Photo: Renata Sago WMFE.
State Attorney Aramis Ayala. Photo: Renata Sago WMFE.

More than $1 Million was cut from the Orange and Osceola County State Attorney’s office budget after prosecutor Aramis Ayala announced she would not seek the death penalty. The Florida Supreme Court is weighing a lawsuit after Ayala sued to get cases back after Governor Rick Scott assigned them to another prosecutor.

90.7’s Renata Sago joins Intersection to talk about what the budget cuts mean to the state attorney’s office, along with Republican state representative Scott Plakon who supported the budget cut.

Sago said the $1.3 Million cut from the budget is equivalent to money that law makers awarded to the office last year to combat domestic violence and human trafficking.

"People here are saying that the cuts to those funds would not allow the State Attorney's office to go in depth and really collaborate in the ways they wanted," Sago said.

Plakon said the State Attorney's office has the resources it already needs.

"All we did is remove the $1.3 million that we use for death penalty cases, and the money is fungible," Plakon said.