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Spotlight: Jazz, Theatre, Grease and Women Politicking

Image:  Orange County Library Logo, www.ocls.info
Image: Orange County Library Logo, www.ocls.info

A high energy, sexy, hot, sweaty, dripping, display of jazz and old men playing jazz will be on display during the Crawford Jazz Project's live performance of their current repertoire and old favorites tonight at 8 at Blue Bamboo Center for the Arts in Winter Park. Sexy!

An immersive, reality-based theater troupe which explores relationships, philosophy and absurdity through short vignettes will be doing… that tonight at 7 at The District in Mill50. Now I love the District. If you’re vegan, vegetarian or like greeting cards, this place is for you. The owners creative this hidden enclave of healthy foods for people who don’t want cows shot in the brain with metal electric rods so…

There’s a showing of the film Grease and the audience is encouraged to “sing along.” This puts a picture in my mind of drunk gays slurpilly sloshing through “Tell me more” while you’re trying to focus on what is important: the artful playfulness of the bleacher choreography…. The Grease sing a long is tonight at 8 at The Abbey.

And finally, hear the relatively unknown stories of six important women who laid the foundation for improving women’s equality in the 60s and 70s in the United States during a public talk called Women Politicking Differently Sunday at 7 at the downtown Public Library.