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IDignity Awarded State Grant


An Orlando non-profit that helps the homeless get identification documents is celebrating a $50,000 state grant.

The money will help about 400 clients of iDignity get their ID.

iDignity executive director Michael Dippy highlighted the story of a client named Tony, who was presented with a Florida identification card.

Dippy said just a few months ago Tony was on a street corner with a cardboard sign asking for help.

“He’s now able  to get his birth certificate and social security card, and the same individual who assisted him initially is working through his network and is getting some traction to get him employment at a local fast food restaurant,” said Dippy.

Dippy said he's pleased the program's been recognized by the state as worthy of investment.

"It’s the good housekeeping seal of approval that we’ve never had before,” said Dippy.

The grant was secured with the help of State Rep. Mike Miller (R), State Sen. Linda Stewart (D), and Orange County Tax Collector Scott Randolph (D).

Dippy said the grant is funded 50-50 by the state and the tax collector’s office.