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Sanford Burnham, Florida Spar Over Incentive Money

UCF is moving into Sanford Burnham's Medical City location.
UCF is moving into Sanford Burnham's Medical City location.

Sanford Burnham has fired back to state officials demanding repayment of incentive money.The Florida Department of Economic Opportunity wrote a letter demanding the return of $77.6 million in incentives used to lure Sanford Burnham to Florida. But Sanford Burnham’s lawyer responded this week, saying the contract with the state only allows the state to get money that has not been spent.

Additionally, they write that the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Institute would remain open.

"If DEO or the governor's office has any helpful suggestions, (Sanford-Burnham) will welcome hearing them," the letter reads. "In the meantime, it's business as usual."

Sanford Burnham has been losing money, and was planning to turn over operations to the University of Florida. UF has backed out of that deal.

The story was first reported by the Orlando Sentinel.