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Image: previous maker faire, makerfaireorlando.com
Image: previous maker faire, makerfaireorlando.com

Like nonvoters who complain about politicians, a lot of us grumble about consumer culture while feeling helpless to do anything about it. There are some creative souls who are doing something about it, though. The do-it-yourselfers known as makers answer consumer culture with creator culture.

More than 200 of them will show off their ingenuity at the Maker Faire Saturday and Sunday, Oct. 22-23. This year the Maker Faire leaves its former venue, the Orlando Science Center, to populate the Central Florida Fairgrounds with inventors, artists and techies all spreading the gospel of building and repairing rather than buying and discarding.

This kaleidoscopic annual expo features displays, workshops and panel discussions that leave visitors full of enthusiasm for the fusion of art and science, realizing they have more control over their environment than they thought. The secret appeal of the Maker Faire – beyond the electric skateboards and combat robots – is the rush of inspiration as you navigate the marketplace of ideas.

It’s so easy to buy now, with a wave of your phone or one click in an app; but for many, consumption has become a real downer. The antidote is to build it yourself, and take ownership of your future through the making of things.