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Wild Hogs Tearing Up Grounds Of Melbourne Church


New Shiloh Christian Center in Melbourne is dealing with some wild hogs tearing up the property. Bishop Jacquelyn Gordon said at least fifteen hogs have been spotted.

“My concern is that they run out in the road and cause an accident, that would not be good and I just pray they don’t charge after the parishioners when they’re coming in that area, so far so good,” said Gordon.

Gordon said a wildlife trapper, who is not charging the church, has been trapping the hogs since last week. They may be looking for higher ground from a nearby wooded area after all the rain or they could be attracted to berries in the area.

Gordon's son saw a hog early Sunday morning as he parked his car.

“He could actually see one of the hogs out there, just looking, and he said he could hear the hog making a sound so he hurried, unlocked the door and got inside,” said Gordon.

Gordon is worried the hogs will run out into the road and cause an accident.