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Seminole Co. School Sanitizing To Protect Against Norovirus

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Seminole County school officials say about 20 Sterling Park Elementary teachers and staff members were believed to be infected with Norovirus.

District spokesman Michael Lawrence said anyone who feels sick should stay home.

“We are asking any teachers that are ill or feeling ill to stay home until all their symptoms subside. So, we’ll fill in if need be by the first day of school, if we have to bring in any extra substitutes or staff from the district level we’ll do that to fill any vacancies that occur,” said Lawrence.

Norovirus causes stomach problems, vomiting and diarrhea. Cleaning crews are sanitizing all surface areas such as desks, doorknobs and keyboards.

A parent/teacher meet and greet was rescheduled for Tuesday. Lawrence said no other Seminole County schools are affected.