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Staffers Exit Alan Grayson’s Senate Campaign


Four staffers have left Alan Grayson’s senate campaign. Their departure follows reports of allegations that Grayson abused his ex-wife during a stretch of twenty years.

Grayson’s political director Mario Piscatella is among those who left the congressman’s after allegations of domestic violence resurfaced.

Grayson’s campaign manager said in a statement that they’re sorry to see Piscatella go, but the core team remains intact.

Statement from Campaign Manager Michael Ceraso: "We're sorry to see our political director and a few of our good field staffers leave the campaign, but our core team remains intact. As in recent weeks and months, we are constantly re-tooling and adding talent to the campaign, and we'll continue to do so.”

Grayson’s ex-wife provided Politico four police reports claiming he had been hitting her, but she didn’t want him arrested.

Grayson’s attorney calls the allegations false and politically motivated.

Grayson is in a senate primary race against Miami attorney Pam Keith and Congressman Patrick Murphy, among others. Senate minority leader Harry Reid told reporters Thursday that Grayson should drop out of the race.

Two major progressive groups dropped their endorsement of Grayson after the allegations surfaced in the Politico report.