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Intersection: Trump University, Pam Bondi and Bernie in Puerto Rico

Photo: Florida's State Attorney General Pam Bondi
Florida's State Attorney General Pam Bondi

Questions are piling up about Florida Attorney General Pam Bondi and her decision not to investigate allegations of fraud at Trump University.

The New York Attorney General is investigating the case, but Bondi decided not to right around the time she accepted a campaign contribution from Trump. Are Trump supporters worried about the optics here?

A Lake County lawyer in prison for DUI gets a clemency hearing. What part do connections play in getting early release?

The Puerto Rico Democratic primary went to Hillary Clinton. What went wrong with her rival Bernie Sanders’ strategy? Meanwhile, Clinton is poised to grab the nomination. Do Bernie fans want their candidate to fight all the way to the convention? Is Donald Trump’s invitation to welcome them with open arms an incentive to switch tickets to the Republican party?

Tropical storm Colin came and went, leaving just a few downed trees and power outages in the Orlando area. But on the West Coast, some communities were flooded and heavy rain overflowed the sewers. Was Colin the wake-up call Florida needed?

Host Matthew Peddie is joined by founder and editor of orlandolatino.org Maria T. Padilla, Tampa AP correspondent Tamara Lush and former Orlando Sentinel writer Mike Lafferty.