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Intersection: Friday News Round Table- Medical Marijuana, National Security & Tourism


Medical marijuana got a boost this week: supporters say there are nearly enough signatures now for a ballot amendment to legalize it.

In Daytona Beach the sign over the entrance to the renovated speedway gets switched on, signaling the $400 million dollar upgrade is nearly done.

Then, Orange County signs a resolution opposing fracking-  but it’s not permanent, so what does it mean?

And with national security and fears of terrorism sparking tough talk from presidential candidates-- and a backlash against GOP front runner Donald Trump’s call for a ban on Muslim immigrants-- Central Florida Islamic leaders invited The Donald to talk about his policies. And they teamed up with law enforcement to present a united front against domestic and foreign terrorism.

Meanwhile, three Orlando theme parks put metal detectors at their gates- Universal, Disney & SeaWorld... and Orange County Public Schools officials tell parents they got a similar email threat to other big school districts like LA, New York and Miami Dade.

It's the Friday news round table with Jason Garcia from Florida Trend Magazine, Erin Sullivan with the Orlando Weekly, and Darryl Owens with the Orlando Sentinel.