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Spotlight: Orlando Man Offers Free Live Music From His Home, "Timucua Arts White House"

Timucua White House. Photo courtesy of Benoit Glazer
Timucua White House. Photo courtesy of Benoit Glazer

When Orlando resident Benoit Glazer is at work, he has an audience – he’s the conductor for Cirque du Soleil’s “La Nouba” show at Disney Springs. But on Sunday nights, he has an audience at home, too. His living room seats 125 people and is built for good acoustics.

Glazer’s place is known as the “Timucua Arts White House,” a venue featuring less conventional artistic offerings…for free.

He said the performers don't do anything commercial or easy, that their work is more "off the beaten path."

"We prefer if they write their own music to a certain extent and sometimes we get a good mix, sometimes we get all original music which is fine. We've had well over 2,000 world premiers at the house which is pretty good considering it's a small venue," said Glazer.

He spoke to 90.7’s Nicole Creston about what’s coming up this weekend, and how the “White House” project began. Listen to their conversation in the audio player at the top of the post.