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Intersection: Central Florida's Simulation Industry

National Center for Simulation logo
National Center for Simulation logo

Computer simulation is a multi billion dollar industry in Central Florida. Tomorrow, thousands of experts head to Orlando for the start of the Florida Simulation Summit. Ahead on Intersection- we’ll discuss what’s driving simulation and how it’s being used in everything from the defense industry to Disney.

Simulators can help trainee air force pilots learn to fly fighter planes without ever leaving the ground; new doctors can practice their skills without the risk of harming a patient, and simulation is now an important part of how theme parks design new rides.

We’ll talk to Tom Baptiste from the National Center for Simulation, Dr Shiva Kalidindi from Nemours Childrens Hospital, Walt Disney’s Michael Tshanz, and Robert Abascal of AVT Simulation.

And- Intersection’s producer Brendan Byrne gets a tour of the flight simulators at Embry Riddle Aeronautical University.