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Grumpy Geese Chasing Residents In Melbourne Park

The geese are going after residents in a Melbourne park. The park is in the middle of town and many people visit it just to feed the birds. But city officials hope if people stop feeding the birds that they will stop attacking. That’s why signs up went up reading don’t feed the birds.

City Manager Mike McNees is not sure why the geese are chasing people, but maybe they’ve gotten use to humans, especially the ones that feed them.

McNees experienced a goose chase first hand while jogging through the park over the weekend. “And I kind of wondered what would have happened had I just stood there and let them have at me, what would happen,” he said. “But I didn’t think in the moment to find out. They didn’t look like they were coming to say hello, let’s just put it that way.”

McNees hopes people refrain from feeding the geese. And if that doesn’t work Melbourne officials will look at trapping and relocating some of the more aggressive ones.