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Spotlight: Orlando Ballet Dancer Joseph Gatti's Homecoming


Joseph Gatti is a professional ballet dancer who's been dancing for more than 20 years. Gatti got his start as an apprentice in Orlando, has performed on stages around the world, and is now back as principal guest artist for The Orlando Ballet for the 2015-2016 season.

He grew up playing various sports but says he chose ballet because he found it the most challenging. And, when Gatti talks about ballet his face lights up; it's not hard to see that he's doing exactly what he supposed to be doing in life.
"We get injured just like sport athletes, because we are athletes and we have similar injuries. And it's very stressful, physically and mentally I feel."
Watch him perform at a festival in Russia last year:

In this video, Gatti proves just how athletic and hardcore ballet truly is: