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Local Leader: Immigration Move Not Enough for Full Economic Benefit


President Obama’s executive action on immigration doesn’t go far enough. That’s according the head of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce of Metro Orlando.

Chamber President Diana Bolivar says only comprehensive reform will maximize immigrants’ economic potential in Central Florida.

She points to research showing immigrants are about twice as likely to start businesses – and that startups create over half the nation’s new jobs. Throw in the region’s large Hispanic population, and, Bolivar says, President Obama isn’t letting Central Florida reach its full potential.

"From a local perspective, I think, initially, it may make an impact, but I don’t think that it’s the impact that we are looking for," she says. "It’s a short-term solution. It’s not a long-term solution."

Bolivar says it’s not enough to help a few million skilled, educated immigrants avoid deportation.

On the other hand, Republicans like Florida U.S. Senator Marco Rubio say the president shouldn’t have acted without Congress at all.

[caption id="attachment_40731" align="alignnone" width="198"] Photo of Diana Bolivar from hccmo.org[/caption]