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Amendment 2 Fails by Misinformed Voters Says Medical Marijuana Advocate

Photo credit: Eggrole, via Flickr
Photo credit: Eggrole, via Flickr

An Orlando resident whose son uses medical marijuana says he is disappointed in the failure of Amendment 2.

Dennis Holt’s son uses medical marijuana to control nausea from chemotherapy.  Holt says he feels fear played a big role in people’s vote and thinks a lot more could have been done in the campaign for Amendment 2.

The bid to amend the state constitution to legalize medical marijuana fell short of the 60% of votes needed to pass. 57% of Floridians voted for it – a small percentage away from the supermajority required.

Holt says voters were not properly informed on Amendment 2.

“No I do not think they had a legitimate reason, they have left it into politics and government as opposed to a medical professional, doctors are medical professionals politicians are not.”

While medical marijuana is available in a limited form in the state of Florida, Amendment 2 would have made it available for illnesses other than cancer and epilepsy.

If medical marijuana makes it back to the ballot, Floridian’s can have another chance to vote in the 2016 elections.