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Mayor Buddy Dyer Hosts Senior Summit on Mobility

Karen Huynh attending the Senior Mobility Summit.
Karen Huynh attending the Senior Mobility Summit.

Orlando Mayor Buddy Dyer says he wants seniors to be more aware of safe travel options and public transportation available to them.

Dyer hosted the first Senior Summit on Mobility on Wednesday to connect local transportation providers directly with seniors.

About 30 seniors came to the summit, which featured organizations like Lynx, SunRail, Carfit, and Best Foot Forward.

Apopka resident Karen Huynh says she started using the Lynx bus service more after a car accident last year.

“The system is so good, the map, you can read the map and analyze how to get around and what time you should be somewhere and then without waiting to long.” says Huynh.

Huynh says compared to 10 years ago, public transportation in Orlando has improved.

She’s looking forward to trying out the SunRail commuter train.

Mayor Dyer says he hopes seniors will attend more summits like this so they can learn about public transportation options available to them.