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Orange County School Board considers getting rid of district-wide face mask policy altogether

Photo: Pixabay
Photo: Pixabay

The Orange County School Board is in favor of tossing out the district’s face mask policy, as COVID cases continue to decline in the area. 

The current policy allows for the district to require face masks on teachers and volunteers. It also gives parents a choice to mask up their students. 

But District 3 Member Linda Kobert says since the superintendent has the right to pass any number of orders during the next health emergency under school statute, the policy is now outdated.

Kobert says if anything a line allowing parents to send their child to school in a facial covering could be added to the student handbook, to protect that right.

"And I like the idea of putting it in the code of student conduct, the permissibility because we look at that every year often more than once a year.”

District 1 member Angie Gallo says the policy is moot, especially as COVID cases continue to decline in the area.

“We’re already allowed to put another emergency policy in place if needed. So I think at this time it’s outdated and moot and I would be fine with removing it.”

The board will vote on this policy change on April 12th at the next board meeting, after listening to public comment.

Danielle Prieur covers education in Central Florida.