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Valentines Day

  • Leah Johnson never saw herself in the novels she grew up with, so she wrote her own. Her debut is about the joy and frustration of growing up Black and queer in a place where that's not the norm.
  • Dating in a pandemic is no walk in the park. Well, actually, often it is literally a walk in the park — but that doesn't mean it's easy. For over 15 years as a dating coach, people have come to me in a state of panic that their moment to find a match may have already passed.
  • Alex Dimitrov's new collection — perfect for anyone caught between the moon and New York City — advises readers to be patient: Time is always moving on, bringing us closer and closer to love.
  • It’s Valentines Day, which means big business for restaurants. But some couples are opting to combine a date with an activity that gives back. Do-Good Date night founder Kristen Manieri joins Sasha Hausman from Second Harvest of Central Florida and quiz master Curtis Earth for a conversation about dates that include some volunteering.
  • Valentine’s Day this year falls on a Saturday, which is already the default Date Night. And restaurants are able to accommodate fewer diners at a time because most tables — even those that can seat four or six guests — are occupied by just two people.