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Get the latest coverage of the 2023 Florida legislative session in Tallahassee from our coverage partners and 90.7 WMFE.

Florida lawmakers pass a hemp regulation bill without THC caps


The proposal only covers how such products can be marketed.

SB 1676, the legislative proposal that once sought to place strict regulations on the amount of THC used in products, now only covers how such products can be marketed.

Bill sponsor Rep. William Robinson Jr. (R) says he wants legislators help in keeping Florida’s kids safe and away from cannabis.

"Members this is a great bill, it really protects our children. It gets us part of the away there," said Robinson. "Do I think we need more work in this space? I absolutely do, but I think it gets us in a really good place. It’s a very fine line between regulation and over regulation and I think this bill hits the right sweet spot and I ask for your support.”

The revised bill implements child safety rules that include punishments for quote “mislabeling” or creating packages that’s “attractive to children,” or anyone under 21.

The bill also adds consumer product testing for hemp-edibles but does not place guardrails on non-ingestible synthetics like creams, shampoos, and lotions.

The bill is heading to the governor’s desk for approval.

Adrian Andrews is a multimedia journalist with WFSU Public Media. He is a Gadsden County native and a first-generation college graduate from Florida A&M University. Adrian is also a military veteran, ending his career as a Florida Army National Guard Non-Comissioned Officer.

Adrian has experience in print writing, digital content creation, documentary, and film production. He has spent the last four years on the staff of several award-winning publications such as The Famuan, Gadsden County News Corp, and Cumulus Media before joining the WFSU news team.