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Frost re-ups calls for Office of Gun Violence Prevention after Louisville shooting

Maxwell Frost marching in Orlando's Pride Parade.
Giorgio Viera
AFP via Getty Images
Maxwell Frost marching in Orlando's Pride Parade.

U.S. Congressman Maxwell Frost met with Mayor Buddy Dyer and other local leaders on Monday to discuss his bill that would set up a national office aimed at reducing gun violence.

The Office of Gun Violence Prevention, which would be part of the Department of Justice, would bring together all the federal partners working on gun violence prevention in one office to better collaborate.

Congressman Maxwell Frost said he’s re-upping the call for this office after a bank shooting in Louisville on Monday morning and multiple Easter weekend shootings in Orlando.

"There's a cycle I've been witnessing over the past decade since I got involved in this fight," said Frost. "There's a shooting. There's death, thoughts and prayers, a vigil, maybe a rally. And then it seems like the whole world moves on."

Frost said without any action, the next mass shooting is sadly inevitable.

"It's gonna require every single one of us at every level of government working every day to solve this problem of gun violence," said Frost. "It is likely right now, as we speak, that the next shooter is planning their shooting. The question is what will we do about it?"

Gun advocates say taking away people’s guns or encouraging anti-gun education campaigns won’t solve the problem.

The Gun Violence Archive reports more than 11,500 people in the US have already died from gun violence in 2023. Over half of those deaths are suicide-related.

Danielle Prieur covers education in Central Florida.
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