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Intersection: state of the media; Orlando's culinary scene; new music from Beemo


Next week Intersection will go on hiatus. So today we’re going to take a look at three aspects of Orlando and Central Florida that we’ve covered on the show over the past decade.

Central Florida is a dynamic, fast growing place, and that’s reflected in the topics we’re diving into on this show: the media, the culinary landscape and the music scene. 

We reached out to guests we’ve talked to before on Intersection and invited them back for a conversation. 

UCF journalism professor Rick Brunson reflects on what it’s like to report on a busy community that’s a global destination, and to coach the next generation of journalists. 

We’ll also talk about the booming culinary scene with chef, culinary educator and food network star Emily Ellyn, CEO and founder of the Global Cooking school Hari Pulapaka, Tasty Chomps Food blog publisher Ricky Ly and Orlando Weekly restaurant critic Faiyaz Kara. 

And Americana band Beemo are back from touring Austin Texas- we’ll talk with them about performing as pandemic restrictions ease.