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Intersection: parenting & the pandemic; car-free living; Limbitless


The coronavirus pandemic is now in its third year- and while life is in many ways returning to normal- COVID-19 is still with us. For parents facing burnout from two years of pandemic living and figuring out how to navigate the next phase- stress levels are still high. 

On this episode of Intersection we talk with three parents about the challenges of raising kids in the pandemic- what they’ve learned and how they’ve overcome those challenges. 

As gas prices soar- commuters may be doing some thinking about how they get around and how they could do it cheaper. 

Rollins College Environmental studies professor Bruce Stephenson has been researching how cities are made and what makes them good- or bad- places to live-- for decades. He talks about his book on living car-free in Portland, and lessons that could be applied to Orlando. 

And Limbitless Solutions- the non-profit that makes prosthetic limbs for kids- plans to scale up production. We take a tour of the Limbitless design and manufacturing plant near UCF with CEO Albert Manero.