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Intersection year in review: the pandemic; the environment; space exploration


At the start of 2021- there were high hopes for COVID-19 vaccines. Twelve months later, millions are vaccinated, but the vaccines have become increasingly politicized, and in the meantime, Florida weathered the worst impacts of the delta variant surge over the summer. 

On this episode of Intersection we’ll look back at the milestones in the second year of the pandemic and what’s in store for 2022, with WMFE health reporter Abe Aboraya  and WLRN health reporter Verónica Zaragovia

It's been a tough year for the manatees. WMFE’s environmental reporter Amy Green joins us for a conversation about covering the triumphs and tragedies of Florida’s environment. 

And after the US resumed launching astronauts last year, the pace picked up for 2021. Space reporter Brendan Byrne runs through the highlights for commercial spaceflight and NASA’s excursions into the far reaches of the solar system. Plus- a plan to knock an asteroid off course, just in case our planet ever faces an Armageddon-like threat.