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Intersection: Robert Costa on 'Peril'; mapping domestic violence cases; update on space


At the end of January, Republican congressman Kevin McCarthy made a trip to Mar-a-Lago. It marked the end of a moment in the weeks after the January 6th insurrection when it seemed like the party might have split from Donald Trump. 

The Washington Post’s Robert Costa and Bob Woodward write about the fallout from January 6th in their new book, 'Peril'. In this episode of Intersection, WMFE’s Nicole Darden Creston talks with Costa about Florida’s connections to the insurrection and Trump’s legacy. 

It’s Domestic Violence Awareness month, and Central Florida leaders are trying to better understand why some perpetrators are held accountable while others slip through the cracks. Harbor House of Central Florida CEO Michelle Sperzel and Orange County Domestic Violence Commission co-chair Dick Batchelor talk with Intersection host Matthew Peddie about tracking domestic violence cases. 

Low earth orbit is a busy place these days. WMFE space reporter Brendan Byrne joins the show for an update on the commercial space boom, celebrity astronauts and NASA’s deep space ambitions.