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Intersection: Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Through Art, Remembering Lynching Victim Lee Bailey, Curating A Billboard Art Show


Nelson Cardenas and Marisela Rodriguez are visual artists who celebrate their Hispanic heritage through their work. Cardenas pays homage to Frida Kahlo and other Latin American cultural heroes, while Rodriguez’s paintings evoke an idealized Cuba. Their works are part of an exhibition at the City of Oakland for Hispanic Heritage Month. Cardenas and Rodriguez join Intersection for a conversation about art, culture and self expression. 

The life of Volusia County resident Lee Bailey will be honored this weekend, 130 years after he was lynched. Daisy Grimes and Grady Ballenger with the Volusia Remembers committee talk about the importance of confronting a horrific chapter in the history of the country. 

How do you get more people to pay attention to Orlando artists? One way to do it is put their art on billboards. Curator Patrick Greene and painter Peterson Guerrier chat about the Corridor Project Billboard Exhibition set to debut next January.