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Intersection: Juneteenth; Food Insecurity; Marine Animal Vets

State Rep. Geraldine Thompson. Photo: WMFE
State Rep. Geraldine Thompson. Photo: WMFE

Juneteenth, which commemorates the end of Slavery in the United States became a national holiday this year. On this episode of Intersection, we talk to State Rep. Geraldine Thompson about how emancipation came to Florida, teaching African American history, and why Juneteenth is gaining prominence now. 

Second Harvest of Central Florida CEO Dave Krepcho says the pandemic had a profound impact on the way the food bank operates. For a start- the amount of food going out has nearly doubled. 

Krepcho- who’s stepping down from the job at the end of the year- reflects on the safety net for people hardest hit by the pandemic, and what’s next for Second Harvest and the non-profit world. 

And- the pandemic may have focused more attention on animals- and how diseases can jump from species to species. But there’s a lot veterinarians are still learning about the animals they care for. We talk with Tres Clarke and Jen Flower about penguin hernias, doing brain surgery on a fur seal, and the finer points of marine mammal veterinary science.