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Intersection: Legislative Session Review; Tourism And The Recovery; Mark Pinsky


The 2021 legislative session ended last week- with a flurry of controversial bills in the final stretch of the session defining a contentious two months in Tallahassee for lawmakers. From the  bill focused on voting to legislation targeting the participation of transgender athletes in school and college sports, on this episode of Intersection we unpack the session with political analysts Dick Batchelor and Frank Torres.

As tourism numbers begin to pick up again- central Florida leaders are cautiously optimistic about the impact on the region’s tourism driven economy. But even as more travelers from other states head to Orlando on holiday or for business - the return of international travel to pre-pandemic levels is expected to take longer.  Cassandra Matej joins the show to talk about getting passengers back on planes and tourists back on the road- and the next few months of th recovery. 

And- Veteran journalist Mark Pinsky’s leaving the Sunshine State and moving to North Carolina. We talk to Mark about religion, politics and crime- which has been his focus during a quarter century of writing about Florida--  and the next chapter of his journalism career.