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Intersection: Vaccine Hesitancy & The Johnson & Johnson Shot; Neil Volz On Rights Restoration; Eric Camarillo Launches A Laundry Trailer


What does the pause in distribution for the Johnson and Johnson vaccine mean in the fight against COVID-19? How will the issues that the CDC is investigating with the vaccine affect the phenomenon of vaccine hesitancy?

On this episode of Intersection, Dr. Ali Mokdad with the Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation joins us to talk about the vaccination effort in Florida and the US- and how the Johnson and Johnson vaccine fits into that. 

Then- the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition’s bus tour is rolling through Florida this week. While it’s not an election year, advocates are working to keep the focus on issues like getting voting rights restored for the formerly incarcerated and helping them to find housing and employment when they leave prison. We’ll talk to FRRC deputy director Neil Volz about these issues- plus what he’s keeping an eye on the legislative session, and the making sure the rights of people who are still behind bars aren’t overlooked during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

And- a conversation with Eric Camarillo who’s been working to trying to solve some of the challenges facing people experiencing homelessness- like access to clean clothes. Camarillo, CEO of the non-profit SALT joins the show to talk about the rollout of a mobile laundry trailer, and how the pandemic ramped up the urgency for non-profits like his that provide services to help the unsheltered.