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Intersection: Ghost Kitchens; Talbert Gray; Reimagining Mary Poppins

The rise of app based food delivery services has sparked the development of a new kind of kitchen. Ghost kitchens are changing the culinary landscape. 

On this episode of Intersection, 90.7's Matthew Peddie talks about this revolution in the restaurant world with the pioneer of Orlando’s food truck scene, Daily City publisher Mark Baratelli;  chef and co-founder of Ghost Kitchen Orlando, Jay Nartowicz; and East End Market Chef in Residence Jessica Tantalo. 

One of the first stories Talbert Gray was sent out to cover was a Ku Klux Klan rally. Gray was the first black television news person in commercial TV in Florida, and he says covering that particular story almost made him reconsider his career. He talks about his experience as a media pioneer. 

And a photography exhibit at the Orlando Public Library re-imagines Mary Poppins as a modern day black woman. We’ll talk to photographer and former WMFE reporter Renata Sago seeing Mary Poppins through a different lens.