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Intersection: Groveland 4 Memorial; Free Speech At UCF; Hal Boedeker Signs Off

Tomorrow a monument to the Groveland Four will be unveiled on the lawn of the Historic Lake County Courthouse in Tavares. 

The four African American men: Earnest Thomas, Charles Greenlee, Samuel Shepherd and Walter Irvin were wrongly accused of raping a white woman in 949.

They were posthumously pardoned by the Florida clemency board last year, but their families want to see them exonerated. 

On this episode of Intersection, Matthew Peddie talks with Samuel Shepherd’s niece Vivian Shepherd and with State Rep. Geraldine Thompson about the fight to clear the names of the Groveland Four. 

Then-- what’s the price of free speech? UCF student senators voted to bring conservative podcast host Ben Shapiro-- who’s made headlines for controversial comments-- to speak at the University. Student funds will help pay for his speakers fee. We’ll hear from student senator Michael O’Blevins about bringing Shapiro to campus. 

And-- TV Guy Hal puts away his remote-- at least for now. Hal stops by to share stories from his decades long career as a TV critic and media reporter for the Orlando Sentinel.