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Intersection: Project Opioid; Inclusive Dance Studio; Teacher Investment

Overdose is a leading cause of injury related death according to the CDC. In 2017, more than 70,000 people in the US died from an overdose in 2017, the majority of them from prescription or illicit opioid overdose. 

Funding for the fight against the opioid epidemic may come from federal and state government, but community leaders in Central Florida are tackling the crisis through an initiative called Project Opioid. 

On this episode of Intersection, we chat with Project Opioid founder Andrae Bailey about the plan to enlist the faith community and business leaders in the fight against the opioid crisis. 

Then--- a local non-profit - Chance 2 Dance -- offers inclusive dance lessons for young people with disabilities. We’ll hear from studio founder Nicole Warren, and Dr. Sarah Parsloe, who’s teaching a course on disability and social change at Rollins College. 

And an investment in education in West Lakes, Orlando, is helping pay for school supplies for teachers, and helping to develop a STEM garden where students can learn about agricultural science. We’ll talk to Britton Banowski from the College Football Playoff Foundation about how the initiative aims to help attract and retain teachers.