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Intersection: Hurricanes, Lightning Strikes; Taiko Drumming

We’re more than halfway through hurricane season… and so far the Atlantic has been pretty quiet. In fact the last time there were no named storms between July 15th and August 15th, was 1982. 

But most hurricane activity happens after the middle of August-- so what can we expect from here on out?

On this episode of Intersection, we’re talking hurricanes with a panel of experts:  Eric Berger, Keith Kotch and Jeff Huffman, asking what you should be thinking about with three months of storm season still to go. 

Then-- Florida is the lightning capital of the US, and getting hit by lightning can be fatal. 

We talk to the trauma medical director of the Osceola Regional Medical Center, Dr. Tracy Bilski, about the kind of injuries caused by lightning strikes. 

And-- Atsumi is tapping into a centuries old tradition-- performing Taiko. 

Atsumi joins us to talk about finding her own rhythm in learning the art of the Japanese drum-- and performing taiko for international audiences in Orlando.