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Intersection: Immigration, Race & 2020 Presidential Politics; OSIRIS REx; Alpha Phi Alpha & Higher Education

Immigration and race are two issues that could drive the 2020 presidential election. That’s according to 90.7’s political commentators Dick Batchelor and Frank Torres. 

On this episode of Intersection-- we sit down to talk about how the race looks-- more than a year out from the election...and the role that Florida will play in electing the next president. 

Then-- a spacecraft the size of a passenger van is on a road trip across the solar system. It’s orbiting an asteroid 100 million miles away… and the souvenir it’s looking to bring back? A scoop of dirt. 

90.7’s Brendan Byrne talks with the OSIRIS REx mission’s principal investigator Dante Lauretta about what scientists are hoping to find on the remote rock, and what that space dirt could tell us about life on earth. 

And the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity works to help steer young black men towards college, through a program called Go to High School, Go to College. 

Incoming Vice President of the Central Florida Chapter of Alpha Phi Alpha, Rodney Rackley, joins Intersection to discusses the fraternity’s focus on higher education.