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Intersection: Puerto Rico's Governor Resigns; VA Secretary Robert Wilkie Talks Healthcare; A New Performance Of The Mikado

Puerto Rico’s Governor Ricardo  Rosselló will step down in a week. 

The governor made the announcement in a recorded video message Wednesday night. The news was greeted with celebration from Puerto Ricans who had put pressure on Rosselló to step down over nearly two weeks of protest after a series of offensive chat messages were leaked from the governor and top officials. 

On this episode of Intersection-- what’s next for Puerto Rico after the resignation of the governor? Does his departure signal a turning point for the territory which has been racked by economic turmoil and is still rebuilding from the devastation of Hurricane Maria. And what are the implications for Florida’s Puerto Rican population? We're joined by Jennifer Marcial, editor of El Sentinel Orlando; Maria Padilla, editor of Orlando Latino and Ricardo Negron with Latino Justice. 

Then, Florida’s veteran population is growing.  What does that mean for veteran healthcare?  A conversation with VA secretary Robert Wilkie. 

And-- a new interpretation of Gilbert and Sullivan’s light opera The Mikado aims to amplify the history of Central Florida’s Japanese American community. Nicole Dupre, Theresa Smith-Levin and Pam Schwartz join us to explain.