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Intersection: Lovebugs; art, architecture & history; Maple Sparrow

Springtime in Florida- and love is in the air. Or at least lovebugs. Any kind of road trip through the sunshine state this time of year is usually accompanied by the percussive splatter of lovebugs hitting the windshield.

So where do lovebugs come from and what are they doing here? How do they fit into the ecosystem of Florida, and what’s the best - and worst- way to get them off your car?

On this episode of Intersection we dive into the history of the bugs we love to hate with Dr. Denise DeBusk,  professor of horticulture at Valencia College West, University of Florida Entymology professor and director of the university’s Integrated Pest Management program Norman Leppla, and Matt Moreman, creator of the car care blog and YouTube channel Obsessed Garage.

Then- architecture’s often about finding a balance between creative aspirations and the practicalities of engineering. Sometimes architects get to indulge their creative side. Later in the show, a conversation with two Orlando architects about building, sculpture and creativity. Maurizio Maso and Trevor Boyle of Hunton Brady Architects discuss the centerpieces they designed for the Holocaust Memorial Resource and Education Center of Florida, and the design for the new Holocaust memorial museum in downtown Orlando.

And- Amy Robbins and Gailanne Amundsen are forging a new path with American roots music. We revisit a performance from Robbins and Amundsen - and a conversation about the new generation of bluegrass musicians .