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Intersection: Cleaning Up Florida Springs; Contractors Fight For Shutdown Back Pay; A Tale Of Two Cities

Governor Ron DeSantis is pledging $50 million for springs cleanup. Environmentalists have been sounding the alarm for years about the declining quality of Florida’s numerous springs and waterways. Nutrient pollution is clouding many of the state’s once clear springs. That’s a problem- not just for tourists and Floridians who flock to the springs in summertime- but the wildlife too.

So the big question is- how will that money be spent and is it going to be enough?

On this episode of Intersection, we dive into the health of the springs with 90.7's environmental reporter Amy Green, Clay Henderson with the Stetson University Water Institute, and Russell Bryant, a former board member of the Friends of the Wekiva.

The partial government shutdown ended a week ago, but the impact is still being felt by federal workers and contractors who are waiting on back pay.

We hear from Kevin Dimico, the business representative with the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers about legislation he wants to get passed to guarantee contract workers back pay after the shutdown. 

And singers from Central Florida Vocal arts are getting ready to perform A Tale of Two Cities. Theresa Smith-Levin, baritone David Bracamonte and soprano Sarah Isola explain what it takes to bring the classic Charles Dickens novel to life as a musical.