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Intersection: A More Conservative Florida Supreme Court; Newspaper Unionizations; Zora Festival

The Florida Supreme Court is poised to become the most conservative bench it has been in decades. Governor Ron DeSantis has appointed three new justices to the court. With Barbara Lagoa, Robert Luck and Carlos Muniz, the court’s expected to take a sharp turn to the right. On the campaign trail, DeSantis promised an end to so-called judicial activism -- and the new court could bring sweeping changes to the state’s abortion laws, redistricting process and compensation to victims due to negligent actions of state agencies.

On this episode of Intersection- what’s ahead for the state’s highest court, how soon could those changes come about and what does it mean for Floridians? We're joined by Molly Nardella, attorney and Republican political analyst, Democratic political analyst and media consultant Jason Henry, and Law 360 reporter Carolina Bolado. 

It's been a rough week for journalists- with news organizations from Buzzfeed to Gannett announcing layoffs. But as newsrooms shrink, there’s another trend as well- unionization. We’ll hear from reporter Tessa Duvall about how why the reporters at the Florida Times Union decided to form a union.

And as the 30th Zora! Festival gets underway- NY Nathiri from the association to Preserve Eatonville Community joins us to talk about the enduring legacy of writer Zora Neale Hurston.