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Intersection: Governor DeSantis; Amendment 4; StoryCorps

Ron DeSantis was sworn in as Florida’s 46th governor this week. Advocates for school choice and the environment have high hopes for the Republican former congressman: DeSantis campaigned on a platform of improving the state’s water quality, and he favors expanding the use of school vouchers.

On this episode of Intersecion, we talk to Florida Trend magazine associate editor Jason Garcia about what to expect from Governor DeSantis.

Then- former felons across Florida are registering to vote, as amendment four takes effect. But just how smooth is the implementation of the amendment restoring the right to vote for about one point five million residents of the Sunshine State? WLRN's Danny Rivero explains what's next for those newly registered voters. 

And the StoryCorps mobile recording booth is parked up at the Orlando Museum of Art for the next month. Mobile site manager Jacqueline Van Meter tells Intersection about mission of StoryCorps- conversation with a purpose.