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Intersection: Gilbert King; Kareem Abdul-Jabbar; Eugene Snowden

Gilbert King won a pulitzer prize for his book Devil in the Grove- a deep dive into the case of four young African American men who were falsely accused of rape in 1949. Since that book was published, momentum has grown in the movement to pardon the Groveland four.

King says he hadn’t planned to write another book about Lake County but when a former sheriff’s deputy approached him at a book reading, he began to dig deeper into the actions of sheriff Willis V. McCall.  

His next book Beneath A Ruthless Sun- a true story of race, violence and justice lost and found-  chronicles the story of another young man railroaded for a crime he didn’t commit. King talked to Intersection in May about why the stories from Lake County in the 1950s still resonate today. We revisit that conversation in this episode of Intersection. 

In 1968 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar boycott the Olympics in protest against racial discrimination. Now a new generation of students are protesting a different issue.  We listen back to a conversation about gun violence and student activism with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. 

Every Wednesday, Eugene Snowden brings his unique style of blues to Lil Indies in downtown Orlando. The host of Ten Pints of Truth joins Intersection to perform and shares stories from his musical journey and how he’s keeping the spirit of blues alive with his musical residency.