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Intersection: Lighthouse Central Florida; Richard Corcoran's Appointment; Injured Wildlife

Kyle Johnson says people who are blind are - in some ways- invisible, and he wants Floridians to recognize what they have to offer the community. Part of his strategy to do that is by growing the business which Lighthouse Central Florida operates with visually impaired staff.

On this episode of Intersection, a conversation with the incoming CEO of Lighthouse Central Florida about raising the profile of the blind. 

The incoming Florida education commissioner had a reputation as a fiscal conservative when he was house speaker, and he’s an outspoken supporter of charter schools. Richard Corcoran’s appointment as the head of the education department has alarmed teacher’s unions. We talk with WFSU reporter Ryan Dailey about what his leadership could mean for public education in Florida.

And we revisit a conversation with 90.7's Crystal Chavez and Tracy Frampton of The Florida Wildlife Hospital and Sanctuary in Palm Shores, about nursing injured animals back to health.