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Intersection: State of Faith; Faculty Pay; Limbitless

When it comes to religion, there’s been a rise of the nones: those who consider themselves atheists, agnostic or non affiliated with a religion.

So what’s going on? On this episode of Intersection, 90.7's Brendan Byrne takes a dive into the state of faith with the three wise guys from “Friends Talking Faith.”

Of the women entering STEM careers today, 45 percent of them will be gone from the STEM field by the time they turn 40. We’ll revisit a conversation from 90.7’s Sunshine Week series about the gender and race disparity in engineering faculty in Florida.

And Albert Manero, who co-founded the non-profit Limbitless Solutions while still a student at the UCF, spoke to the United Nations this week.

Manero was part of a panel for International Day of Persons With Disabilities. We listen back to an interview with Manero and Dr. Albert Chi about a clinical trial to test the next generation of 3D printed arms.