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Intersection: Solar Power & Hurricanes; Public Schools & Puerto Rico; Laughter Yoga

After hurricanes Irma and Maria, there are questions about the resilience of the power grid- and in Puerto Rico- how to rebuild that devastated grid.  

Efforts to push for more solar power in Florida, the sunshine state, have hit political roadblocks in the past. But could the 2017 hurricane season be a turning point?

Journalist Lyndsey Gilpin joins Intersection to talk about what the storm season can teach us about solar power. And we return to an interview with Michael Cohen, who helped found a solar co-op in Orlando. 

Puerto Rican evacuees are enrolling in Florida’s public school system. Osceola County says it could see as many as 2,000 new students from the island enrolling as families relocate after Hurricane Maria.

Osceola School Board chair Kelvin Soto tells Intersection his district is ready to welcome the influx of new students.

And if you need a laugh, maybe it’s time to try a yoga class. We revisit a conversation between 90.7's Talia Blake and laughter yoga instructor Pat Conklin.