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Intersection: State Attorney Funding Cut; Fliers Rights; CommUnity Center 729

More than $1 million was cut from the Orange and Osceola County State Attorney’s office budget after prosecutor Aramis Ayala announced she would not seek the death penalty.

90.7’s Renata Sago joins Intersection to talk about what the budget cuts mean to the state attorney’s office. And we’ll hear from Republican state representative Scott Plakon who supported the budget cut, and says Ayala’s office has the money it needs.

After David Dao was dragged off a United Airlines Flight back in April, lawmakers called on airlines to improve their treatment of passengers. Consumer advocate and travel columnist Chris Elliott explains what the FAA reauthorization bill working its way through congress does to improve the flying experience, and what’s missing from the bill.

And for nearly 10 years the Community Center 729 in Orlando has been a place of yoga, meditation and spiritual retreat. Founder Trish Roddis has another mission too- helping the homeless.