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Intersection: ADA lawsuits; Pet Stress; Ocala Cobra

A Daytona Beach lawmaker is taking on so-called ‘drive by’ lawsuits. The lawsuits are aimed at businesses that aren’t compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

But State Representative Thomas Leek says those lawsuits have taken the ADA out of the hands of people with disabilities, and are used to generate legal fees. His bill would create a list of certified experts who could tell business owners what to do to make their business ADA compliant, and protect them from payouts if they’re sued.

On today’s program- we talk to Leek about his bill- and Matthew Dietz, a civil rights attorney who specializes in cases involving the rights of persons with disabilities.

Your life may be busy and stressful, but how about your pet? Intersection’s Talia Blake visits a pet expo and discovers a world of products designed to help your four legged- or feathered- friends dial down the stress.

And one pet who’s been the center of attention this month is the Ocala Cobra. We talk to a couple of the people behind the twitter account for the cold blooded but warm-hearted snake, and Wear Gloves, the pet cause they're using the twitter account to promote.