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Growing Bolder: Journalist Eugenia Zuckerman; Comedian Laraine Newman; Former MLB Pitcher Sam McDowell


The woman who shared compelling stories on "CBS Sunday Morning" for over 25 years is now living one of her own. Diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, Eugenia Zukerman is courageously opening her heart to offer personal insights into living with dementia. In this heartfelt conversation with Growing Bolder, her approach will surprise, enlighten and touch us all as her memory slowly fades.

Laraine Newman is a comedy icon. One of the original cast members of "Saturday Night Live," her skits helped defined a generation. Like many of her colleagues, though, the road to success and all it brought with it was not easy. She talks to Growing Bolder about those days, her struggle with drugs and depression and how she found a way forward.

Former Major League Baseball pitcher Sam McDowell was a six time all-star whose career was cut short by alcoholism. But what he did next not only saved his life, but a number of other ballplayers as well. In a candid and important conversation, he reveals to Growing Bolder how he found a way to recovery and made it his mission to help others find a new path forward, too.

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