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Hurricane Season, Orlando Entertainment District Developer, Noncompete Ban, 6th Millennium BC Bread, Unlikely Marathoner

2024 Hurricane Season

Earlier this week, the National Hurricane Center monitored the first tropical area of interest in 2024. While the system will dissipate, and it is not a concern to Florida, it is an indication that the beginning of hurricane season June 1st is rapidly approaching. Megan Borowski is a Senior Meteorologist with the Florida Public Radio Emergency Network. She joins Engage to discuss predictions for an extra active season and the risk of a Florida strike.

Orlando Entertainment District Developer

We’re following up on a story we first brought you Tuesday on Engage when we discussed Orlando City leaders approving 40 million dollars in tax breaks for a Sports and Entertainment District Downtown next to the Kia Center. David Carlock joins Engage to discuss the project. He is the CEO of Machete Group, one of the developers working on this plan to build housing, a hotel, retail and restaurants, an event venue and a parking garage.

Noncompete Ban

This week theFTC banned employment noncompete clauses, ruling they restrict workers freedom, suppress wages, and stifle new businesses and ideas. The Federal Trade Commission estimates about one in five people have a noncompete.

Attorney Kevin Paule with the law firm Hill Ward Henderson in Tampa joins Engage to explain why some businesses support using noncompete clauses and exceptions to the rule.

The Orlando Law Group attorney Jennifer Englert has experience litigating noncompete clauses for businesses and individual employees. She joins Engage to explain the impact of the rule. Englert is working with Dr. Saweda Bright on her noncompete. Dr. Bright, an OBGYN in Seminole County, discusses the impact of the FTC rule on her patients and career and the medical industry.

6th Millennium Bread

Earlier this month, archaeologists in Turkey announced they had found what is believed to bethe oldest known piece of fermented bread. The sample dates back some 8,600 years to a site in Central Turkey that supported an agrarian community since around 10,000 BC. Anthropologists look at the cultivation of grains and the baking of bread as early markers of early human socialization. Making bread requires planning and collaboration that forces people to organize and delegate duties. Ty Matejowsky is a professor of cultural anthropology at UCF who specializes in studying how food helps to define cultures. He joins Engage with his take on this doughy discovery.

Unlikely Marathoner

A Kissimmee grandmother already achieved her goal of running a marathon in every state, so now she’s working on her next one. Gloria Vasquez is 73-years old and wants to run 100 marathons before she turns 100. The Blueberry Cupcake Marathon in Brooksville Florida this weekend will be her 93rd. We talk to Vasquez about her achievements and advice.

Cheryn joined WMFE after several years as a weekend news anchor at Spectrum News 13 in Orlando.